21 Days to a Loving, Emotionally Intelligent Family! Are you IN?

Envision the assurance of your parenting abilities, enabling you to effectively manage difficult behaviors and avert emotional outbursts. Imagine a household where children experience a sense of security to express their emotions in a positive manner. The turmoil that engulfs the entire family when your child grapples with emotional dysregulation can be transformed.

In order to cultivate emotionally intelligent children, it is essential to grasp the concept of emotions. Join Lara in a 21-day challenge where she will guide you through comprehending emotions and behavior. You will create new habits supported by the latest research and neuroscience to help you to restore tranquility and foster connection within your family. Drawing from her expertise as a parent coach and special education teacher, Lara will provide proven techniques to assist you in nurturing serene, self-assured, and closely connected children.

Shifting the Parenting Paradigm One Family at a Time

This challenge will be so impactful!

Every day you will have a short video lesson and a challenge activity to deepen your understanding of emotional intelligence.

 Dr. Dona Matthews, Developmental Psychologist and author of "Imperfect Parenting."

"It is refreshing to see innovative teachers like Lara leading the way for change for parents, kids, and teachers. One of the big secrets for raising neurodiverse children is having the right attitudes and understandings, and Lara has used her personal and professional experience to assemble a terrific toolbox full of useful stories and techniques that work in the heat of the most challenging moments.  Lara can help you use mindfulness and a growth mindset to rewire your child's brain so you can work together to create a sense of calm and confidence for the whole family."

Sarah Nykoruk, Educational Leader, Master Neurocoach

 Lara definitely over delivers! We are so happy we participated in this challenge! You can tell that Lara genuinely cares about her clients. She is committed to, and clearly believes in their ability to create and live their dream of a calm, connected family life. Thank you, Lara!

Jennifer Kolari, Family Therapist and author of "Connected Parenting"

"Lara is an exceptional educator who passionately cares about children and their families. Her warmth, her knowledge, and her dedication to parents who have children with ADHD is inspirational."

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